My Exclusive Content Marketing Strategy For Personal Brands

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If you don’t have a content marketing strategy for your personal brand then you’re missing out on some serious exposure! In this video, I’ll break down how to build a content marketing strategy and provide you with the framework you need to get started. All it takes for you is to take a moment and sit back and take notes because I’m gonna give you all the content marketing strategy essentials!

Establish your content pillars

The number one thing that you’re going to do is you want to establish your content pillars, your content pillars are going to be three to five overarching themes that really represent your brand and allow you to establish your authority and your expertise within your fields.

Within your content pillars, you want to make sure that you are able to promote your services as well as educate, inspire, engage, and learn from your audience, be sure to rotate them throughout the week. So that way, you’re giving yourself a little bit of variety of what you’re talking about on whatever social platform, but also your audience has some variety within that week of what they can expect from you.

Create sub-pillars within your content pillars

Once you’ve established your content pillars, I definitely recommend having two to two to four sub-pillars that allow you to focus when it comes time to brainstorm new ideas. When you have two to four, you’re able to kind of create and plan content throughout the month a lot quicker. And it’s also something that you can rotate in and really just showcase within that content pillar what you really want to focus on and what you really want your audience to know about you.

So for me, for example, one of my content pillars is content strategies. So I might give a tip on Instagram content strategy, and then I’ll give a tip on overarching content strategy. And then I’ll talk about like repurposing content, or maybe I’ll talk about a testimonial from one of my clients. So within that content pillar, I’m able to rotate and have new ideas that constantly keep flowing, because I’ve created these prompts that allow me to kind of zero in my focus when it comes time to brainstorm new ideas for my content.

My Exclusive Content Marketing Strategy For Personal Brands, content strategy, content marketing, content marketing plan

Have a call to action (CTA)

Within each piece of content, you’ll want to have a direct call to action. You want to be able to take your followers or whoever is working on your platform to the next level, whether it be to comment below to save your post click the link in your bio, or to even share it on their story as well. You want it to be clear and direct. Because this is going to give you the ability to figure out how well your content is performing. Because you have a direct call to action that you want people to have.

Optimize your content for each platform

The next thing that you want to make sure that you’re doing within your content strategy is to optimize your content for the platform where you’re creating the content. The way that you create content on Instagram isn’t going to be the way we create content on YouTube. And it’s not going to be the way you create content on your blog. And it’s important that you understand that, analyze that, and make sure that the content you’re creating is serving that platform the best.

My Exclusive Content Marketing Strategy For Personal Brands, content strategy, content marketing, content marketing plan

Repurpose your content ideas

The last thing and most important thing that you want to do is repurpose your content ideas. Your ideas are not a one-hit wonder. And it’s important that you don’t treat them as such, when you create content on one platform, figure out the different ways that you can either create it on that platform and again, or you can put it on a new platform. And going back to my original point about making sure that your content is optimized for that platform.

When you are repurposing, make sure that you’re repurposing it on a new platform in a more optimized way for that platform. So that you can continue to further your reach and inspire the audience or your followers to take the next step into working with you or getting to know you better. If you’re having a hard time planning how to circulate your content ideas, check out this article I wrote to help you get started.

My Exclusive Content Marketing Strategy For Personal Brands, content strategy, content marketing, content marketing plan

Creating content consistently is the number one thing that I see people struggling with when it comes to having a content strategy in place and being able to brand themselves or their services. If you want to learn more about content marketing strategy tips, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates and tips to help you stand out from the competition.

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