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Jan. 2024 Recap

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Hello, Beautiful People! Welcome to February. January felt incredibly long but now that it is over, it is safe to say that we are in 2024. I don’t know about you, but January felt like a bit of a trial month for me. I used it as a time to ease into the year and try and formulate some of my habits and routines that give me joy. If you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to in January, keep on reading.

Quickly Pivoting

As I was trying to work on formulating new habits and routines, there were still a bunch of unexpected twists and turns that knocked me off of my game. One of the muscles I had to flex last month was the ability to quickly pivot. When certain plans got derailed, rather than let myself ruminate or dwell on the fact that things weren’t going according to plan, I made the intentional effort to find an alternative solution that would be sufficient.

I won’t lie, there were moments where I found myself completely frustrated and almost always on the verge of tears. So often I wondered to myself “Why can’t things just go smoothly?” and “Will anything ever go the way I want it to?” Fortunately (or unfortunately), 2023 taught me a lot about how you really can’t plan for everything and that when you intentionally embrace the unexpected, you can find little pockets of peace amidst the chaos. I was really happy that I was able to see that my resilience has continued to be strong. Between my resiliency and the unexpected nature of life, I am confident that this year will be more peaceful than the last.

Traveling to Senegal

At the end of January, I traveled to Dakar, Senegal for a little pre-birthday celebration! Senegal has been on my list of places to travel to since the end of 2022. While I wasn’t able to make it last year, to be able to make the trip at the beginning of this year was so special. I had the most amazing time, ate some of the best food, and felt a new spark of creativity and hustle that would sustain me for a while.

The reason why this trip was so special to me is that it signified a lot. It was the first big trip that I’ve been on since being completely burnt out from traveling in 2023. Additionally, it was one of the first trips that I’ve been on in a while and I wasn’t anxious about anything going on at home. Lastly, this was the first trip I’ve been on since 2019 where I picked the destination. While the rest of this year is going to be filled with so much travel for various celebrations and events, I’m grateful to have started the year by checking off a location from my travel bucket list. This trip brought a renewed love for travel again and I’m excited to explore more places this year.

Investing more in Content Creation

One of the things I want to improve this year is my content creation. Last year I could see that I was becoming stagnant which was disappointing for me because content creation is a hobby that I enjoy. I attended a workshop hosted by Charity Corrin where she shared really good tips on how to improve your editing techniques and I even got to have her critique some of my content as well! I’m excited to implement her tips into my content going forward and I’m excited to continue honing in on my craft and authentically growing my brand and community.

I also want to make sure that I’m building better habits surrounding content creation. I want to make sure that I am developing a schedule and a routine that allows me to stay consistent while also giving me room to listen to my audience. Outside of growing my social media presence, I want to grow my blog and I want to make sure that I am giving these platforms the energy and the time that they deserve. I know that I can do more and because I know this, I need to make sure I’m working in my capacity.

Looking Into February

February is going to be an exciting month. It’s my birthday month and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends. I’m excited to continue to build and grow in different areas and I can’t wait to see my vision come to fruition as I make small improvements day to day. If you’d like to join me in building better goals and habits, grab my free Goals and Habits Tracker on Notion to get started.

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