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3 Productivity Hacks I Use To Balance Clients And My Personal Brand

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Are you struggling with trying to manage your brand and also working with clients? Then it’s time for you to create a plan and a strategy to optimize your productivity. So you can get more done within your business and offer the best client experience. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about three productivity hacks that you can use today in order to get more done for your brand and your business.

Designate your days to work on similar tasks

One of the productivity hacks that you can try today is to designate your days. First, try to examine all the tasks you need to complete and categorize them based on their similarity. You can then try to knock all of those similar tasks out within one day. This is a really good idea to help you set more boundaries with your clients. For example, if you have Mondays to work on all of your admin tasks, while Tuesdays and Thursdays to follow up and check in with your clients, this allows you to let them to know what & when they can expect to hear from you. You’re also giving yourself time to take a step back and do the things that you need to do in order to better manage your business.

Set a timer while you work

The second productivity hacks that’s also been really helping me a lot lately is setting a timer while I work. If you are feeling a bit scatterbrained about what you need to accomplish, setting a timer will help you focus and drill down exactly on what you need to do. I’ve tried experimenting with the Pomodoro method. I also tried to estimate how long something would take me and then attempted to complete it within that timeframe. Both of those have really helped me be able to really focus. It’s also a bit of a race to see if I can accomplish what I need to do during that time.

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Batch Your Content

The last thing that I do is batch my content. I plan out my content all in one day for the month ahead. I try to make sure that all of the content has been created a week or two before it’s actually going to get published. And this helps me immensely because I don’t have to think so much about what I’m doing within my business or what’s going to go out. This allows me to focus more on better serving my clients and making sure that I am zeroed in on their needs. When you do batching of content, you have eliminated the decision-making process. Rather than trying to work alongside you, you’re ready to have a plan to better manage your brand and serve your clients.

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