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How To Monetize Your Personal Brand On Instagram In 3 EASY Steps

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Figuring out and trying to understand the latest Instagram algorithm can honestly be really frustrating. But there are some things about Instagram that will always remain tried and true. In this video, I’m going to teach you the different Instagram hacks that you can use today to monetize your personal brand which will lead to better engagement and more sales.

Optimize your link in bio

The first thing you want to do to monetize your personal brand is you want to have an optimized link in bio, so have a direct call to action, you can use websites like Link Tree or milkshake. Or you can even create your own on your own hosted domain. And just basically have called actions to either why work with you, connect and buy some of your products or even just subscribed to your newsletter. But you want to make sure that you are using that one link that you get to have in your Instagram profile to fully engage and direct people to your services and your offers or other things that you’re working on and that you want them to see.

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IG story highlights

The next thing you want to use to monetize your personal brand is Instagram story highlights. I feel like they’re so underrated and people need to take more advantage of them. Now, it’s a good way for people who may not be wanting to follow you yet, but are still trying to get to know you to quickly see what you’re about what you do, and the things that you like to enjoy. So certain things that you can do is to create like a start here, highlight so you have all the things about you and the ways to work with you. You can also create services highlight so people can just quickly access your services. And you can also create another highlight to store your testimonials or case studies that you want to showcase people really enjoy your products. The nice thing about highlights is that they can still lead to people in your DMs. So you know it’s a two-for-one thing that if you’re using the Instagram highlights, you’re definitely setting yourself up for success and you have something that is kind of working for you without even having to create any new content.

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Establishing content pillars

The last step to help you monetize your personal brand is that you want to establish your content pillars regardless of the newest Instagram feature or the newest update, you always want to attribute it back to your business or your brand. And you want people to be able to consistently understand who it is that you are, what it is that you offer, and what problems it is that you solve. And by having content pillars and rotating between those content pillars, you are really setting your brand up to really start to build that momentum and the community so people will still remember you regardless of whether or not they’re seeing your Instagram posts from that day on their profile.

Having solid content pillars is going to be a key foundational piece and really building your brand and establishing authority as an expert within your field. Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest for more tips like these!

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